T180, T200 & T310

The world finest hotel-linen. The ultra light bed linen is available from now on in Germany, Swiss and Austria.

With this very elegant bed-linen you can reduce your costs for the laundry!
The weight of one set size 135 x 200 cm/ 80x60 cm is only about 0,90 kg and for a size of 160 x 210 / 65 x 100 about 1,08 kg.
Those weights (120 g/m2/ 130g/m2)are only realizable with very fine threads. Due to this special manufacturing the appearance of this bed-linen is very elegant and extreme hard-wearing.
To compare: band stripes (47 threads/cm2) have a weight of 175g/m2
this ultra light linen (58 threads/cm2) have a weight of 130g/m2

  • T180, T200 & T310
  • Quality T180 (50% Cotton / 50% PES) T200 (60% Cotton / 40% PES) T310 (60% Cotton / 40% PES)
  • Weight 120-130 g/m²