Think Big – One of the Largest Table Cloths in the World

It was the sort of project we love here at Kaechele – unique and challenging. In May 2013, the Adlon Hotel in Berlin ordered a table cloth with huge dimensions: 220 square metres of cloth for a 26 metre-long and 7 metre-wide oval table, specially made for a gala dinner. Delivery date: August 2013.

This, of course, needed a raft of logistics and a lot of commitment. Custom-made products in these dimensions do not happen overnight, the table cloth had to fit perfectly and needed to be precisely rounded off on the front sides due to its oval table.

And – we can rely on, and have, our in-house specialist expertise along with our master tailor. Thus, we always find ways to get a project like this off the ground.

Of course, it is not possible to get a single piece of cloth in this size. We therefore sewed together three panels of heavy, pure-white fabric from a 50:50 mix of cotton and polyester, each measuring three metres wide. Given that there is no cutting table for table linen of this size, there always had to be two strong men to help our seamstress in Laichingen to hold the long panels. Not forgetting – the Molton also had to be fitted as a base.

The ironing that had to be done beforehand will certainly remain forever etched in our memories. 20 hotel employees were then busy on-site to lay the fabric crease-free on the table. The result: a feast for the eyes!  An original that won’t be repeated in a hurry.